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Geriatric and Residential Facility Services

The mental health needs of elderly persons are complex and may be compounded by physical illness often with chronic pain and/or need for 24-hour care. At CPU, we are sensitive to late-life. Depending on the particular needs of the person, CPU provides screening and assessment services, individual, group, and family counseling, crisis intervention, testing and evaluation, individual and group psychosocial rehabilitation services. Services to families are designed to stabilize conflict and preserve family intactness when at all possible.

CPU provides outpatient mental health services to adult persons living in residential facilities. Persons living in nursing homes who are elderly, as well as younger, seriously and persistently mentally ill persons who now need 24 hour medical care have an even greater range of need. The range of persons who may benefit from such treatment is wide:

  • Residents newly admitted who are adjusting to a major change in their living situation
  • Residents who become depressed about their physical illnesses
  • Residents who may be grieving the losses associated with reduced family contact
  • Residents who may have suffered a major mental illness in the past and are experiencing a resurgence of symptoms
  • Residents who may appear confused and cognitively disorganized, but who may actually be experiencing an undiagnosed depression

These describe only some of the conditions which may be helped by psychotherapeutic intervention.