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Dedicated to serving the unique psychological needs of our clients with compassion, respect, and dignity.

Our vision recognizes the persons we serve as our most important priority. Caring for the psychological needs of children, adolescents and adults, we provide a range of integrated behavioral health services including individual, group and family counseling and psychosocial rehabilitation. We are dedicated to serving the unique needs of each person with compassion, respect and dignity.

Our vision is strengthened by the individual talents of our employees who have made a career choice to serve persons in need. We provide an environment which challenges and encourages our staff to achieve the highest level of personal and professional growth.

Our vision thrives on an interactive partnership: CPU → Persons served → Families → Stakeholders. Our commitment to this partnership to provide quality services is the cornerstone of our success.

Our vision is… "Together We Can Make A Difference”

Range of Clients who benefit:

  • Clients who are adjusting to a major change in their living situation
  • Clients who become depressed about their physical illnesses
  • Clients who may be grieving the losses associated with reduced family contact or death of a family member
  • Clients who may have suffered mental illness in the past and are experiencing a resurgence of symptoms
  • Clients who may appear confused or cognitively disorganized, but who may actually be experiencing an undiagnosed depression or state of grief
  • Clients who have difficulty recognizing and/or expressing their feelings
  • Clients who lack the social skills to participate in their activities of daily living